Atlas Beer – Comic Strip

Panameñismos Arrepinchoso Atlas
Panamanian Slang born around Atlas Beer – Digital Comic Strip Example 1/7.  Panameñismos nacidos alrededor de la Cerveza Atlas – Ejemplo de Tirilla cómica 1/7.


Peugeot Partner – Magazine Print Sandwich 

Todo Cabe Acá - PEUGEOT
The whole content of a magazine fits in a Peugeot Partner: To demonstrate its loading capacity, we placed two ads in magazines, one at the beginning and one at the end, making a sandwich with the whole content.

Your Personal Jazz – MasterCard

Board Your Personal Jazz - MasterCard
Your Personal Jazz – MasterCard: Every MasterCard holder received their own personalized jazz song in MC’s Facebook fanpage App


McCann’s Self Promoting Campaign Postals

Board Postales Autopromo- McCann
McCann Self promoting postals campaign for interns recruitment: “Seeking for a designer tired of spending hours at home. Spend them with us!”




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