Seguros Vivir – Live Insurance

Life is described with words, but it is felt living it.

Choose Live, Health and Life specialists.


MegaCash Mobile Lottery

With MegaCash, without MegaCash – The power of power.

Credicorp Bank’s Jubilant Retiree

The Jubilant Retiree Day – Enjoy more of life more with a Personal Loan.


Educative Spots for MegaCash Mobile Lottery

The Whats, Whens, Wheres and Hows to Play MegaCash – The Power of Power


Cuchillos WMF

WMF Knives 6 seconds spots announced by show host, as a “fast cut” of commercials – Sharper knives, Faster Cuts.


Evaporated Milk Ideal from Nestlé

Recipes from yesterday in today’s language

Recetas de ayer en el idioma de hoy


Argentinian Health Ministry – Ministerio de Salud Argentina

Thanks Thanks Thanks – Donating blood saves 3 lives – Donate


Philips Institutional

Little brother manifesto – University Project

Manifesto Hermanito Menor – Proyecto Universidad


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